Which Nonce created a Deadline?

I found a plot corruption program “Burst CPD from Guney Ozsan” that is VERY useful. What I’m looking for now is a way to tell which nonce (or plotfile) for a specific block the deadline came from. (The stats.csv file just lists the block and DL, not the nonce or plotfile that created it). Reason I inquire is that I have 4 PCs all running Blago in proxy and for some weird reason occasionally get separate slave stations turning in the same exact DL on the same block. This happens about once an hour or two and I know all my plotfiles are not overlapping (Excel documented and drives labelled). Anyone know of a way to go back through the logfiles to see which nonce created a given DL?

Going to tag @Blago and @guneyozsan to see if they have any suggestions!