WHY (everyhing)?

My only prior posts were in a single thread I started to introduce myself. That was a couple of months ago, during which time I’ve got 2 fairly robust installations of Qbundle 1.9 on different computers, so feel fairly safe proceeding. But I’m having philosophical doubts in addition the many Catch 22’s which surely lie ahead, if I decide to continue…


My most fundamental doubt is based on the fact is it’s very complicated, technical, and constantly challenges the frontiers of my mind. I would prefer a return to simple hard currency coins having nothing to do with computers, algorithms, cryptography, logins, or passwords. Is it necessary?


I came here to get rich! Did you? Or what’s your reason? And do you think you’ll be successful?


Offhand, I have no idea what “mining” means, or involves, but have no interest in that sort of thing. I think of it solely as a possible speculative investment. Anybody else?


Also something requiring people to go begging for coins from the start (to activate their account, start mining, etc) seems fundamentally flawed, badly structured. Apparently there’s no real liquidity. It should be easy in, easy out, via any common currency or item of value. Yet I offered a 1 oz Platinum bar but nobody was interested.


It’s apparently styled by British folks. I’m only an ocean away, separated by a common language, English. :slight_smile:

I have no idea how to answer this… Your first why? refers to a desire to return to coins? your questioning the necessity or the need for computers/blockchain tech and security?

Your second why? i saw a potential to make some money and at the same time learn about something new, i imagine that is what drew most.

Third Why, if you are not interested in learning about your investment then i suspect you will probably not be very effective at solving the small problems that periodically come up that may hamper your "get rich " goal.

4th- I agree the initial coin does seem odd and counter intuitive, but at the same time lots of things seem counter intuitive (ex.quantum physics), but doesn’t mean that they do not have a purpose, or are part of a set of rules that are necessary… Not really sure the reason though lol.


Thanks for reply. Guess I’m ready to give it a try, so am posting request for starter coins as indicated by …

We’re involved in the beginning stage of a revolutionary technology. Early adopters have a technological hurdle to overcome right now. In the future, I expect everything will be as simple as can be…but by then you have missed out on being an early adopter…if you are interested in investment.

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My finely feathered, frustrated friend. I will gladly send you 1,000 Bursts for the aforementioned ounce of your precious platinum.

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While I am not sure why we need coins to start with, they are working on eliminating that part of getting started in a future release. Also I have seen the difficulty to get started reduced a bunch in just the last few months with the qbundle software. I learned everything command line; my friends are doing everything from the GUI and have no idea. :slight_smile:

I’m here to be an early adopter with the hope that it takes off in the future. If not I have a ton of external hard drives I can sell to friends to re-coup my investment. Meanwhile I learned a bunch and met a great group of people.

Win/Win in my eyes.


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@HNRBc thanks for the offer!

My counter-offer is the ounce of precious Platinum in a Suisse bank assay card along with proof of purchase from a well known & reputable dealer for the current exchange rate of Burst ~ 3.1 cents USD and spot price of Platinum ~$992 USD = ~32,000 Burst, rounding down in your favor to two significant digits. If interested, I’m easy enough to find via my webpage at burst.johnnybob.com

I’ve been elsewhere gaining perspective, collecting a few odd coins and about 5,000 Satoshi Btc via an isolated wallet system. Getting it transferred out would be a Chinaman’s task!? So it’s still all fun & games for me, exploring an interesting new variable on the scene – crypto-money. I expect it or something similar will be adopted for our exploration and population of the universe. Old Star Trecker here! :slight_smile:

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Gave solo mining a fair try but didn’t make a single Burstcoin. Might not have done it right–don’t know, & don’t care! Came here to get rich, now dedicated to a life of poverty… :wink:

In the meantime my blockchain was lost on W10 computer, still working on a W8.1 desktop.

Primary problem is M$ forced unwanted “updates” on W10 trashes blockchains and everything else (restore points/images etc). How can anyone use W10?

You can set the updates to require your approval. I changed settings in the policy editor.

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I m here while on my way to get rich and i will.

I gonna buy each one of you a lamborghini with my first 1 billion EURO.

(hate EU)

Edit: ryanw gets the special edition