Why is my account suddenly reading unknown?


I just finished plotting my drive… and login to the forum browser… on 50/50 cryptoGuru pool which I used last week…and put in my mining user… BURST-J67K-TWP7-R4LD-FRZPG and it says Account Unknown.
Can someone help me on this issue?

last week I had over 350 deadlines verified.



you sure you entered your address correctly?


copied and pasted from my wallet twice. Same just now a third time.

This is work performed within the last week and half… after my current bal of 84.
I also had a pending balance… it wasn’t much… but was something… is this obvious skimming or is it policy for the pool to delete an account after a week of non activity?


it says unknown when your miner has been inactive enough not to be listed in historical shares but if your mine there again it will show up as known once again. (Without saying known explicitly but with the stats)


I thought in activity was supposed to be 30 days before pending bursts are absorbed, and account is deleted? Am I wrong… it is less than a week?


It is really annoying also… I just started mining on a brand new Win7 OS install on my server…and my blago miner keeps crashing.


Ok… its working now… and my pending account is showing up now. Curious!


yes I agree curious :slight_smile: