Why Miner windows does not open?

Beginner here :slight_smile:

HI, I pay for pool 1 coin, I have 250GB on HDD, I use Online Wallet, but when I click Start Mining CPU / AVG - nothing happened…

What is the problem?

Help! I have same problem.
Start Mining CPU / AVG does nothing and Opencl only flashes some terminal window.

We’re going to need more information as to what is going on. What software are you using, and can you provide screenshots?

You have plotted correctly?

Same problem here…using Qbundle v2.0.0, wallet 2.0.1 and Miner(BlagoCPU Miner).

On Test 1.5TB system with plotting completed.

I’m using pool.burst4all.com:8124, already have the reward recipient setup and confirmed in transactions. When I click on miner button nothing happens, no error, no message, no window. Any Ideas? Need more info?

A fix for that has been released, but there is a little hiccup in the upgrade process.


That worked perfect, got it running now. Thanks…Does it usually take long for them to patch software? Cause doing this manually kind sucks lol.


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No, they move quickly on these things. I would expect this to be fixed very soon.