Why plot file always less than setting?


Hi, all

When I try to plot with engraver on Linux ,
the plot file always decrease a few

etc , " ./plot64 -k 12345678 -x2 -s 0 -n 4096 "
start with 0 and nonce is 4096,
but the result filename i got is “12345678_0_3168_3168”,
only 3168 nonce i got ,

where is the problem ?


I think it might be rounding things based on whole numbers of things divided in to other things. I usually specify powers of two for everything including the amount of RAM to use:

time  ionice -c 3  nice -19  plot64 -b 1024M -t 32 -x 1 -k $account_id -d $plotdir -p 256G -a -D

Even the number of threads seems to figure because if I use 3 threads then I don’t get the results I expect. 4, 8, 16 or 32 are fine though. Note the plot size is a power of two as well.


I just noticed that this looks like a PoC1 file name. My engraver (PoC2) file names don’t seem to include a stagger.