Will burst soon emancipate from bitcoin and others?

BURST price is still chained to other cryptos and since they are just plummeting, it does the same, thats why I wanted to share some excerpts from a recent german article:

"why are investors selling right now?

  1. Hacker attacks unsettle investors
  2. Concerns about regulation
  3. Bitcoin pioneers get out

many Bitcoin pioneers/Investors have withdrawn from the market and thus withdrawn billions.
all cryptocurrencies have a combined value of around $ 300 billion - at the height of the cryptocurrency mania in December, the volume was still at $ 800 billion.

long-term crypto investors who have invested in cryptocurrency many years ago and have earned millions are no longer actively trading their coins. Instead, speculators in the market, who are looking for rapid price increases, are now romping on the market.

Last November, just before the Bitcoin peak, the number of active long-term investors that barely traded was three times higher than it is now. Now the trading volume, which is due to short-term-oriented speculators, is almost as high as the trading volume of long-term investors.

This transfer of assets is also the current price collapse to explain: The early entrants take with them billions in profits. Investors who have boarded too late are sitting on losses instead."

what does this mean for the near future of our burstcoin ? since i am not a financial expert, i dont know…

Crypto is the future of currency and I don’t blame anyone for taking their millions and walking away.

Bitcoin has to have a high price because mining has become a huge business, it switched from CPU to GPU to ASIC so fast that it is now simply a case of who can supply the power to their ASICs the cheapest.

Most crypto would adapt and get easier to mine as the price drops and people slow down mining, but with Bitcoin, companies have invested so much infrastructure into mining one coin that it can’t really fall below a certain difficulty.

As long as Burst is a fraction of the energy percentage to mine and stays ASIC proof, burst will be a big player in the long run.

That is why I don’t sell Burst.

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We work on emancipating Burst. It has emancipated from NXT (whose sibling it is). It will also emancipate from “BTC and others” - but I would not count on it “soon”.

hi rico666, thats ok with me, I am a patient guy… I just enjoy beeing part of something big.

As an environmental protection technician, I am deeply disgusted by the waste of energy.
That’s why I’ve specialized in LED lighting - because of energy efficiency.

when I first heard of a cryptocurrency with an energy-efficient PoC algorithm in January 2018, I was deeply thrilled. In addition, i became aware of the energy consumption of PoW only through the contact with burst. From that point on, I realized that was MY coin! I decided to mine, support, use and advertise it.
And all that was already before the dymaxion :wink:

These are exciting times… keep up your fantastic work !!

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There are two coins using PoW that actually produce tangible results: CureCoin and Folding coin. The work done is for curing diseases and is to complex to be done with ASICs. You earn both coins with the same work.

Prior to these cryptos you donated a portion of your electric bill to science.

As we rarely Burst mine with laptops I recommend it in here.

I’d like to know how you feel about it as an environmental protection technician.