Windows CG Burst Wallet Launcher Released - The Most Stable Wallet For Windows Users


@Quibus has created a launcher and portable package so that Windows users can take advantage of the most stable Burst wallet available. This package bundles the launcher, MariaDB, and Java. The installer also has an optional function to notify the user of new versions of software, and can automatically update your installation.

I have been running 1.3.4cg with the windows launcher for several days now. It took me about 2 days to sync the blockchain, and has been rock solid the whole time. I recommend all Windows 64 users to upgrade to this wallet to have the most reliable solution available.

This is just the first release! Many more features are planned for the future.

Source code, and releases can be found here -
The link to the complete software bundle -

The file server has been graciously donated by @CRK, and his hosting comapny, Please go check out his services if you are interested in a VPS, dedicated server, or web hosting. You can pay for your services in BURST!

If you would like to show your appreciation for the development of this launcher, please send some donations to Quibus as this address - BURST-BRXP-KX93-6RBQ-8YZ95

For discussion or questions about the launcher, please go to this thread:
Windows CG Burst Wallet Launcher Discussion Thread


Minimum Recommended Requirements:

  • Windows 64-Bit OS
  • 4GB Memory
  • Dual Core CPU


For Windows 8 and 10 users, you will most likely get a Smart Screen message upon running the launcher. Just click on “More Info”, and then choose “Run Anyway”. We are looking into getting an EV certificate to sign Burst software so this message doesn’t pop up.

To take advantage of the update notifications, choose “Yes” when this windows appears.

From there you can start and stop the wallet from the launcher.

When a new launcher version or CG wallet is released, you can get notified, and choose to update your software if you wish.

Windows CG Burst Wallet Launcher Discussion Thread
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