Windows for Burstmining



I was thinking to reinstall my mining rig and had question I cant find in forums.

Whatever is best form mining Windows 10 or windows 7. Do you need windows pro or home is as well good?

Is there any tweaks you have to do to increase performance.



If you are going to mine burst only then you should use the OS you are most comfortable with. When it comes to burst the Editions of windows does not matter.


@freel, hello! I use Windows 10 and have no issues. I did have to disable automatic updates that caused re-boots. I also have the machine set in BIOS to reboot after a power failure. I did NOT create a Microsoft user account. I hate the Windows 10 tiles, so I made it look like windows 7 with an add-on called “Classic Start Menu”.

I use the Pro version, but it you should be able to use either.

I did remember some issue with Windows 7. I searched at the Burst-Team.US forum and found mention of some memory usage issues. You can read the post here.


So you use home or pro version?


The good thing on burst is can use all OS I have a mac but plot on win 10 home VM and mine useing jminer on mac :sunglasses: