Wtf has PoCC done to bitcoin HD?


“PoCC acknowledges that the merge mining was done to divert resources away from the Bitcoin HD mining community to weaken it. Those resources have enriched PoCC, despite the fact that miners on the PoCC pool were unknowingly participating in this scheme and losing money because of it… …a significant fraction of the Burstcoin community feels betrayed, and the PoCC has lost reputation and trust”
qoute from crypto IQ

hmmmm… why is this not discussed anywhere here?


let people start reading the full story and dig deeper


yep. (should have posted the whole link, thanks)
btw, tries to explain. hmmm… dont know what to think of it…


I was away on vacation and have returned to see that the PoCC have withdrawn from Burst, so what now, not sure if it will be worth continuing to mine.


People have started a new repository, and are organizing for development and marketing. We’ll see how things progress. Burst won’t die, that’s for sure. The PoCC has brought it to its strongest point ever…even if they are gone, it doesn’t mean their work was for nothing.