Xplotter PoC2 plots slower?

when plotting poc with xplotter, I used to plot 3500 nonces/min (don’t laugh, I can wait), but now I tried xplotter1.3 for poc2 plots, and it generates only 850 nonces/min - same computer, same config. even for me this is no fun anymore :wink:

It may have something to do with the environment. Are you running any other programs?

hmmmm… pc is mining, and I am surfing the internet (as we speak) nothing performance intensive, and I used to do the same when plotting poc1 - and as a result, nounces/min sometimes dropped down to 2500 and when closing some programs, speed was increasing again. regarding poc2 plotting the value ist constant and low.
i have 8 GB RAM, let xplotter decide how much to use, threads 4 and avx as before
xplotter_avx.exe -id XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -sn 32946454 -n 7248456 -t4 -path G:\plots -poc2

I’m updating Xplotter as we speak.

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Ha ! Solved the case … there was a blank space missing between -t and 4. stupid little me. now everything is back to normal speed.

would therefor like to delete this topic, dont know if this is of any use for the community…


I will leave it because there may be the exact person that runs into the same situation as yourself :wink:

Thank you for following up, that is the most valuable part.

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The reason I ask: I’ve seen a drastic difference between running “Folding @home” (for CureCoin and FoldingCoin) or gaming while trying to plot. For me it was a >7k to < than 5k difference. I also see a ~100 nonce/min difference when the plot window isn’t selected and/or when the drive is being written… this indicates to me the more ram dedicated: the faster the generation of the nonces. But, I’m also reading and writing via LAN…

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