Xplotter taking days (5+) on 5TB, 8TB drives. Is that normal?

My gpu plotting sessions seemed to create non functioning plot files. So I switched to CPU w/ xplotter.
I have 1 desktop plotting an 8TB at a bit over 3K nonces/min
another desktop plotting a 5 TB at a bit over 15K nonces/min
and a laptop plotting an 8TB at a bit over 4K nonces/min

All 3 plotters been working 24/7 for the last 5+ days, and they’re still not done. Is that normal?!


Yeah, more or less. It’s dependent on the number of threads and speed of cpu.

I have an external seagate SMR 8TB plotting right now with about 3K nonces/min…and I don’t even think the drive writing keeps up with that.

I have faster internal drives with a ton of cores allocated to plotting go much, much faster.

  1. For the laptop, it would have to stay as is, via usb 3. w/ the 8TB plotting.

  2. My small pc - dedicated to mining, 24/7 mining other coins via gpu - has only 8gb ram and 2 core 4 threads in it. Currenty plotting the 8TB via USB 2.0 (!) at around 3K nonce/min. w/ the other 8TB plotting.

  3. My larger pc - my regular daily and work computer, is being switched between working and gpu mining depending on my schedule. that one has a 32 gb ram and 6 core 12 threads cpu in it. Currently plotting at around 15K nonce/min. w/ the 5TB plotting.

As long as I copy paste the right xplotter config bat file setup between them, I can plot the 5 or 8 on whichver of those 3. Therefore:
While I can’t disassemble (or prefer not to) the 5TB, Would you recommend putting the work into dissembling the 2 8TBs I have (seagate expensions, known to be disassemble proof), and connect them via Sata?
Again - currently one is on a usb 2.0 and one is on a usb 3.0… worth the switch for any of them?

What I would do? I have yet to shuck an external drive… I think only remove the cases if you are not going to have them mine as externals, that is the only way it would be worth it. I just deal with the slow plotting times…it gets done eventually :slight_smile:

But keep in mind in the future, that the external seagates will be the slowest.

For mining - I’m sure the usb 2 vs usb3 makes a different. but does it for plotting?

Also for mining - I’ll be getting a pcie to usb3 card, to have them all via usb3 at least… question is - do people/you see differences in mining between usb3 vs sata?

USB2 does slow it down for plotting if it were a faster writing drive.

USB3 is good for mining as well. I think only if you are adding on tons of drives then it starts mattering when you are clogging up single USB ports (for example, even if there are two plugs on a usb card, it is going through one channel)

I think startech makes a quad channel usb card that people like using…you can pull some sub hubs off of that and run a lot of drives!

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All of mine are 5400. Still relevant for a difference vebtween usb 2 and 3?

USB 2 is 60 megabytes per second…so I would think so. Quick google shows 128MB/s read speed for 5400 RPM.

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Ho-ly $hit… that’s double speed… I’ll definitely look now into making them bare via sata. Or at least usb3. Thanks!

Lets see if we can speed up your plotting. Load this program up, its Free if you don’t already have it. And see if your instructions sets from your CPU allows for you to have AVX2. If it does your in luck.

Click below


So if your CPU’s allow for AVX2 got to this link and download @blago xplotter programs and use the AVX2 of the plotting programs.

The AVX2 plotter program runs 20% faster proven by me and others.

Blago downloads for xplotter which has the AVX2 program.

Blago xplotter

The advantage of the xplotter is that once your done your plot will be OPTIMIZED and you will not have to run some silly optimization program over your plot and move things around which will take even longer.

I use 75% of my memory on my computer and use 2 more threads than I have cores. In my case 6 threads over 4 cores.

I can plot a 8tb drive in 40 hours. I use 12 gig of memory and run 6 threads.

Your mileage may vary :grinning:

P.S. - if you need help re-starting a plot. Ping us here. The good thing about xplotter is that you can
RE-START a plot file that may have stopped due to your pc re-booting for whatever reason.

Yes my CPU does support AVX2. i7-6850K.
I’m gonna try this. Thanks.

Hmm… I ran into a bit of an issue. Took one of the 8TB out of the enclosures, connected to Sata and… the computer doesn’t even recognize the drive. Not in windows nor in bios.
It’s my smaller setup - a Dell 3010 for mining - running windows 7. Any idea why it’s not recognize? I remember something from the past regarding some incompatibility of some big drives (5TB+ etc).
BTW - That same computer was fine with it when it was via usb 2.0…

Maybe it sees it, but hasn’t assigned a drive letter to it.

Open up Disk Management and see if it is there.

Sorry false alarm! it didn’t spin… it didn’t like sharing power cable w/ one of the risers. So I shared it w/ a fan instead. It didn’t like that either… After taking the fan out, it started spinning again, and now it’s still working w/ the fan connected.
I’m not sure, but until I plug that system to my APC, I won’t really be able to tall how much watt it’s trying to use, and if the 850w PSU I have on it is on the edge or not. Thanks though!

Yay! Success!
Switched to the avx2 version on my main desktop. Jumped from around 15K nonce/min to around 25K nonce/min.
My smaller desktop has only avx, but i still started the 1.1 ver there, instead of the 1.0 that I had.
My laptop surprisingly also has avx2, so I’ll try running that there too.
Thanks for the tip!!

Ok there are some white label drives out there that will not spin up once they come out of the enclosures. The issue is solely related to the fact that there is a new feature coming out whereby a drive WILL NOT SPIN UP IF THERE IS POWER ON the 3.3v dc connection of the power cable connected to the drive.

I know it sounds weird but this is a real issue but if this is your issue go here to this YOUTUBE video

  • Scroll down to comments made by GF7 (that’s me) about two months back
  • Click on SEE more and I go in great detail about how to fix or better yet use a hack.
  • proceed at your own risk but the hack I used was a recommend hack of CUTTING the 3.3v dc cable that is pin 1-3 that goes to the drive and BAMN !!! DRIVE spins up every time.
  • When you think about it you really don’t need the 3.3v power cable
  • even if this is not your direct issue it is great for you to know about what could happen for those people that shuck drives
  • I have 17 shucked drives and this happened to me but the hacked got me through it.

How to shuck a drive youtube video

The thread looks like this when you find it.

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Update: my 5 TB (4.54) finished plotting yesterday, and has been mining for a bit over 24hrs by now. I do see deadlines popping there all the time, and I also found my name on the pool page. So I think that’s all good.
My question is - how come I don’t see any rewards yet in my burst account balance?
The pool is:

My account and the info I see next to it in the pool is:
YTV2-RNG8-FEHZ-3VRRD 17 days, 15 hours, 40 mins, 33 secs 0.396% [wait]

I thought that you start see rewards after around 24 hr, or 240 or 300 blocks etc… How can one tell when I’m supposed to see any rewards (burst in my balance…)?

Any ideas?

Ok I went to the Pool page and yes your mining and as of this post you have 2D coins. So you are mining.

If you go the Historic Shares you will will 2D + 0 which means you have accumulated 2 Deferred coins and have been paid 0 (zero) coins.

I do not know the pool rules for payout on this pool your on But based on the some of the folks I see at the top that have at least 300 + the payout for this pool may be around the 500 mark. You have a ways to go.

D=Deffered (owed)
U=Paid but unconfirmed (e.g. on its way or there already)
Anything after the + is what you have been paid.

Watch this video on how to understand and read a pool page. The concept is the same for all pools.

The longer you stick with the pool the higher up the ladder you will climb and earn bigger shares of payouts. If your lucky and hit a block again based on the pool rules you can earn up to 500+ coins (your mileage may vary)

Its all about loyalty to the pool, how many TB you have for mining and how good your rig is.

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Thanks for checking and the info.