Xplotter vs Turbo plotter 9000


Currently performing an experiment. Xplotter_avx2 using intel 5 4440 CPU. Turbo plotter 9000 using Asus Cerbrus 1050TI OC. Subjects is 2 Seagate Archive 8TB HDD. Who do you think will win the plotting?

This experiment is to seek whether you need to purchase a GTX 1050 TI to plot the HDD when you have a i5 4440 CPU.

Turbo Plotter is running on i3 4440, 16 GB ram DDR4, 1TB Seagate HDD, GTX 1050TI. Turbo Plotter is using 10 GB ram, plotting one 8TB in a single drive.

Xplotter AVX2 is running on i5 4440, 16 GB ram DDR3, 1 TB Seagate HDD, no GPU. Xplotter is using 2 thread, 11808 Mb of 11822 Mb free ram, plotting one 8TB in a single drive.

Result to be announced 7 days later.


Why need to wait for 7 days, they both create optimized plot, so just compare number of nounce creating per minute? :smiley: