Zero Balance

good day everyone. I already asked 1BurstCoin last time I thought that would be enough to start the mining process. Planning to build at least 15TB mining rig but my balance is 0. I am asking some help with the pro here in this forum for at least 1Burst to start a pool. Sorry I am just new to the system and the QBundle mining process. Hope I can re-pay you someday.


Thanks so much.

Looks like you got set up with burstneon! Good luck mining my friend!

is there any issue with burstneon?

If you ever have a question about Burst Neon, the fastest place to get an answer is their Discord server :slight_smile:

ok boss, but just want to know if burstneon is ok for small time miners? like, 10-20TB setup???

Yes, they are good for small miners. They also have good support in their chat too if needed.